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We rank among the leading producers of shelving racks in Czech Republic. This fact documents a range of certificates obtained for our products.

  • VARIMO shelving racks

    Quality metal shelving racks for archives, warehouses, workshops and households. VARIMO shelving rack system is characterized by elaborated construction that enables significant variability of shelving racks design.

  • Use of VARIMO shelving racks

    In addition to the basic application of shelving racks in warehouse or archival constructions, the VARIMO shelving rack system can be used to create units for mobile shelving racks, storerooms, as well as other special modifications. After locating the space, we are able to design the best available solution for each business.

  • Design your own shelving racks

    We will make shelving racks according to your design Shelving rack series and installations from VARIMO shelving racks can be designed in a simple configurator by yourself. We have created a web application for you to calculate the most suitable shelving rack unit, through which you can order your customised items.


Solution for your warehousing

  • Archiving racks

    Archival or archive shelving racks, as their name suggests, serve for archiving and storing documents and corporate prints. VARIMO metal shelving racks can be variably customised with accessories to store the required documentation either directly or even in folders, archive boxes and other special components.

  • Storage racks

    VARIMO shelving racks are predestined for storage. Their sturdy metal construction, durable (galvanised) finish and a variety of design combinations guarantee sufficient load bearing capacity for the stored products, easy maintenance and adaptation to virtually any requirement.

  • Mobile racks

    Mobile shelving racks are an ideal storage system for storing a large number of items in the absence of storage space. When properly designed and configured, the mobile shelving racks can save up to 100% storage space. Together with the chassis welding unit that forms the mobile part of the shelving rack block and the VARIMO shelving rack system, the mobile shelving racks form the perfect compression unit.

  • Multi-storey rack warehouses

    VARIMO metal shelving racks can also be used to build a multi-storey storeroom. The individual parts of the shelving racks are sufficiently dimensioned for the construction of single-storey and multi-storey warehouses. The shelving racks themselves are also a load-bearing structure that holds a platform for shelving rack operator in the places of lane. Part of the storey shelf warehouse is also a staircase, gates, distributions or various dividers and separators.


  • Thank you for perfect service with rack delivery for our archive. We were completely satisfied with the localization and rack installation. Your assembly workers were professional and obliging.

    Mr. Jan Mikšík Swell, spol. s r.o.

  • I am very happy, e-regaly company helped us solve our problem with storing data storage media. They listened to our requirements and after that delivered shelving racks that save our warehouse space.

    Mgr. Rostislav Hampel Cardiology in Bulovka hospital, s.r.o.

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